11th January 2017  //  written by Mark Hadley

As we pass through yet another Christmas Season I am amazed at how many presents we purchased online, and of course UK online retail is booming.  A large number of these items will come in cardboard cartons and the volumes are huge.  It’s the same with businesses and to varying degrees pretty much most businesses have to contend with disposing of cardboard, wither from packaging on inbound goods, or trimmings and wastes from their own packaging operations. This isn’t surprising as the stuff has been around for some time, ironically invented by Sir Malcolm Thornhill in 1817, cardboard was quickly adopted due to its lightness and low cost to transport goods all over the world, there is even the a museum in the South of France devoted to the stuff. Le Musee du Cartonnage

Cardboard luckily is fairly environmentally sound, most virgin fibre comes from fast-growing softwoods such as spruce and pine, with approximately 70% of new cardboard cartons and packaging made from recycled fibre.  In the UK we produce roughly 2 millions tonnes of cardboard (fibreboard) of which 84% of which goes back and is re-used into new product.

That’s the good news, the bad news is due to one of corrugated cardboard USP’s, it’s incredibly light and strong, but its structure means it’s full of air, which as a business you end up paying to dispose of. Most companies either put this in their general commercial waste bins, or if they have a lot they have dedicated bins.  A typical 1100L waste bin holds just 40 kgs, as worked out by the WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme)  for which businesses up and down the country pay a hire charge for the bins and a cost to empty them. The more bins you have the higher the cost, but if you had a couple of bins being emptied weekly, the costs could easily be around £1500 a year depending on your service provider and where in the country you are. There is a very handy waste volume to mass calculator you can use to see what you are actually removing by weight produced WRAP Calculator

Here at Shredded Neat we have come up with solutions which might help.  For companies which only produce small regular amounts and don’t need a large bin, we can pick up the loose flat-packed cardboard at the same time as we provide our secure shredding collections free of charge.  If as a business you don’t produce that much regularly, but sometimes have a large amount occasionally, then rather than fill up your own commercial bins, you can drop it round to our depot and drop it off for recycling free of charge too.

Big Dave with our Big Baler!

That leaves businesses which regularly produce a largish amount and haven’t thought about compacting the material.  Modern baling equipment is highly efficient if used properly, we work hand in glove with a specialized baler manufacturer and can quickly look at your current volumes and see if baling would be cheaper. Our partners provide the baler, staff training and maintenance all in one simple contract, and we do the rest by taking  away the bales on a regular basis if you are within our regular service area.

If you would like to know more about our cardboard solutions then please do get in touch, we can guarantee that 100% of he cardboard we collect is properly recycled and goes back into new product, which is a big tick in the environmental sustainability box for any business. So if you need help Call us