Why use Shredded Neat?

To comply with the Data Protection Act you are required to have a written contract with a company capable of handling your confidential information, unless you do it on your own premises with your own staff.

If you do shred yourselves, how much does your shredding really cost you? Shredding time is very expensive as can be seen in our chart…


 Staff rate per hour  Minutes spent at shredder per day
10 20 30
£5.03 min wage 18-20 years old £212 £424 £636
£6.31 min wage 21 yrs or more £266 £532 £798
£10.00 per hour staff cost £421 £842 £1,263
£15.00 per hour staff cost £632 £1,264 £1,896
£20.00 per hour staff cost £842 £1,684 £2,526


We can save your staff time, which can be costly. It is often more cost effective to outsource shredding.  Give us an idea of how much shredding you do and we’ll give you the solution:

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We can provide a safe, secure option for destroying your confidential documents or other materials, on site, on a regular basis to suit you.

Onsite Shredding

If the amounts of shredding are more modest, or vehicular access to your building is difficult, we offer the same levels of security for collection and destruction offsite at Ditchling.

Offsite Shredding

Come and visit our site in Ditchling and see for yourself what we do, you can arrange a visit:

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