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Do I need a certificate of destruction for shredded data?

At Shredded Neat we help an abundance of clients in staying compliant with rules and regulations such as GDPR by securely destroying any confidential information that they no longer need.

During the process of document destruction, one thing that our experts are frequently quizzed on is the issuing of a certificate of destruction.

So, in our latest blog post, the Shredded Neat team discuss what exactly a certificate of destruction is and why it is crucial that we provide you with one following the destruction of your confidential data.

Certificate of destruction meaning

When you have any confidential data destroyed, in some instances it is the minimal legal requirement to be able to show evidence that the procedure occurred.

This ruling applies especially in sectors such as healthcare, and accounts for any form of personal data that you have destroyed whether its electronic files or paper documents.

Therefore, it is heavily advised that you obtain a certificate of destruction to be able to show proof that your confidential data has been destroyed to a sufficient standard.

When is a certificate of destruction required?

Regardless of how big your company is, it is imperative that you obtain a certificate of destruction after having your confidential data securely destroyed.

All the work that is undertaken by Shredded Neat is done in a secure and effective manner by our team of experienced shredding experts, so it is massively unlikely that an unfortunate scenario such as a data breach will occur after we have completed our task.

However, like during any circumstance it is better to be safe than sorry, which is why Shredded Neat will provide you with a certificate of destruction to confirm that you have done everything in your power to securely destroy any confidential data that you no longer require.

Getting a certificate of destruction is now more important than ever with new GDPR regulations in place, as any business that is not compliant with these regulations are at risk of incurring huge financial punishments.

To learn more about how the team at Shredded Neat can assist you regarding GDPR compliant data destruction.

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