Document shredding for schools, colleges and universities

Document shredding for schools, colleges and universities

If you work at an educational establishment such as a school, college or university, the chances are that you will regularly take on an abundance of confidential documents that you will eventually need to dispose of.

Understandably schools and colleges are up there with the establishments that produce the highest amounts of paper waste, and Shredded Neat can help you when this waste reaches the end of its life cycle.

So, in our latest article the Shredded Neat team take a look at the importance of securely destroying confidential documents within the educational sector, and just how Shredded Neat can help you achieve this!

Secure document destruction for educational institutes

As a school, college or university you will regularly taken on heaps of confidential information such as medical forms and contact details. You will keep this data safely stored on your premises while it’s still needed, but what do you do once these documents are no longer of any use?

It is crucial that the confidential information you obtain as a school, college or university is securely destroyed when it is no longer needed, and even more so now that new data protection laws have been introduced in Britain in the form of GDPR.

Educational Sector Must Handle Pupil’s Data Correctly

Educational establishments owe their pupils a duty of care, which includes handling data correctly both when they a member of the establishment and after they leave.

Unfortunately, however, many formations within the educational sector decide to dispose of their confidential documents by using a paper recycling service rather than a secure document destruction organisation like Shredded Neat.

The approach of using a paper recycling service to dispose of your waste is a risky option, which could even potentially see your school, college or university facing ramifications further down the line.

Data Protection Laws Effect Schools, Colleges & Universities

Shredded Neat are proud to operate to the highest possible standards in document destruction, from the collection of your waste right through to the final recycling.

We use the latest shredding technology to ensure that you comply with the GDPR regulations. If you would like us to come to your premises and securely destroy your confidential documents, then you need to use our effective mobile on-site shredding service.

Or if you would rather us collect your documents and shred them at our secure site in West Sussex, why not use our off-site shredding services instead?

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