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Nowadays most people think they are being environmentally friendly if they shred their documents at home and then carefully, as instructed by their local authorities place their shredded paper in a bag and then inside their mixed dry recycling bin ready for collection, and recycling you would have thought.

So, we were amazed to find that when the shredded paper and other recyclable materials arrive at the big, shiny MRF’s (Material Recycling Facilities) such as at Hollingbury, in Brighton – that the bags of shredded paper do not end up in the paper recycling pile but are pulled out and go with all the other useless waste for incineration, so the ‘bagged’ paper or indeed loose unbagged shredded paper cannot be recovered. Not something they tell you about.

We have now been up and running for nearly 6 years since the business was created by Tony Hannigan, MD of the Company. Tony had a vision of creating a centre of excellence for secure data destruction in Sussex, but more importantly wanted this new business to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, taking every opportunity to ensure our environmental performance was exceptional.  This was supported by investment in the best technology and collection vehicles that were available at the time and we bedded the business down on the SM Tidy Industrial Estate at Ditchling Common.

Operating to the highest professional and security standards, we were fully accredited to ISO 9001/14001 within the first 18 months, as well as the British Security Standard 15713, all externally audited for the comfort of our growing customer base.

The first year into the business, we realised that it wasn’t enough to be just a ‘shredding company’, but we wanted to create a unique data destruction and recycling business right here in the heart of Sussex.  So, we diversified, reaching out to address the other recycling needs our customers told us about, adding into the mix, cardboard recycling, non-secure paper recycling, plastics recycling, waste electrical & electronic equipment etc.

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Environmentally Friendly Shredding Services

Here at Shredded Neat we set out to be the most environmentally friendly right from the outset, just 6 years ago, we wanted to be the environmentally sustainable security shredding business in the Sussex and the South-East. We have achieved this in several ways:

When the business was launched, we took a huge gamble by buying a huge British-made mill-sized baler, which produces bales of cardboard, paper and plastics of around 500 kgs. This allows us to send our recycled materials straight to the various paper/cardboard mills, without having to re-bale materials and bypassing the usual middlemen in the industry, so we have total control of our recycled materials.

Our huge bales are transported and containerised near the docks in Southampton without any need for further treatment because we wire our bales these huge bales are ready to go wherever needed from the docks by sea direct to the paper and cardboard mills. This means the road miles our bales travel is kept to a minimum, no long trips up and down the UK, plus we use a local haulier for these shipments two miles from the Depot, further saving road miles, diesel and emissions.

We have tried wherever possible to source low emission vehicles and we are very proud of our Euro 6 Mobile Shredder the best of its kind in terms of environmental performance, as well as our first customer-built HGV LWB IVECO Daily which also is very frugal on fuel, as are most of our vehicles, we are currently sourcing a new 7.5 tonne truck to replace an older one on our fleet, thus ensuring we continuously upgrade the fleet

We have bought a state-of-the-art static shredder in 2016, which runs directly off the mains, and has a highly innovative level feed which allows us to run our machinery on a very condensed footprint, allowing us to run from a very small depot, with very low power consumption compared to many other operators.

We have worked cooperatively with local organisations to reduce environmental impacts, allowing local waste collection businesses, charities and other third sector organisations handling confidential material to bring it to us, rather than taking it much longer distances to their other shredding locations.

Unusually for a Data Destruction Company, we will help specify materials handling equipment on customer sites, so collection visits can be reduced, thus reducing road miles further.  We can specify and install modern baling equipment through our partners to reduce waste volumes, eliminate the need for large numbers of bins and bin collections and optimise collections of paper, cardboard and plastics for dozens of our customers in Sussex. Reducing waste volume for an organisation, saving them money and hugely reducing the environmental impact of conventional recycling bin collections, good for the pocket and great for the environment.

We also work with customers across Sussex to help them deal with unusual wastes that have been generated, managing to recycle unusual types of plastic waste, textiles, specialised packaging and a whole host of other materials and helping avoid them going to the Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility if we can. We certainly adopt the’ Recover Reuse Recycle Reduce’ model as core to our sustainability and ensuring we are environmentally friendly as possible.

We also engaged in a campaign to plant a tree for each new regular customer who takes our services with the The Aldingbourne Trust, where adults with learning difficulties were sponsored to plant tree in their lovely grounds with Shredded Neat paying for the cost of the saplings and the planting –  putting something back is very important to us. March this year, we were finalists at the  Gatwick Diamond Business Association Awards 2017, in the Category of ‘Responsible Business of the Year’ then in May this year we also got listed as a finalist in the  Burgess Hill Business Parks Association Awards 2017, entering under the ‘Eco Warrior’ category.

How green and environmentally friendly are we then? Well, all the paper and cardboard we collect goes straight to the paper mills back into the new product, we are a zero-waste-to-landfill Company, with 100% recycled. We have the lowest carbon footprint we can have for a Company that needs to use a vehicle fleet and have steadily reduced our road miles, fuel requirements and material inputs. As the trailer of paper and cardboard roll out of our depot this last year we have saved the equivalent of 28,800 trees in wood pulp.

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