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Whether you run your business from home or if you’re clearing out space by getting rid of old bank statements and confidential documents, make sure that you’re protected when throwing away your letters and statements. Using a shredder is, of course, a great way to make sure your papers are completely destroyed, but decent machines can be costly, and they take up a large amount of your valuable time. Shredded Neat offer an off-site shredding service where we pick up your waste straight from your home and get rid of it securely.

Why should you use a domestic paper shredding service?

Over the last few years identity theft has been on the rise, so it is important now more than ever that your personal information stays private and is inaccessible by anyone else. Not only could you be a victim of fraud, people steal information to damage reputations, blackmail businesses or otherwise hurt their victims.

Whilst buying your own domestic paper shredder is a great option, sometimes the more affordable models are unreliable and don’t do the job as fast as you’d like them to. In short, at-home shredding machines are limited by their abilities. Shredded Neat can help you by collecting your confidential waste from your door and disposing of it fully in the most secure way possible.

Shredding Services for Individuals

When an individual chooses Shredded Neat off-site shredding, they decide how little or often we collect paper ready to dispose of from their location. As part of the packages we offer, you will receive a heavy-duty bag with a secure tie and impossible to tear seal to store your documents in before collection. These are always replaced once we have collected them so you’re never without a safe place to keep your confidential waste. Choose Shredded Neat for affordable off site shredding.

Shredded Neat are dedicated to keeping your private information private, so any paper or data you provide us with is always locked away and only collect on an agreed upon date. Our company is fully compliant with upcoming GDPR changes and the Data Protection Act of 1998 so you can rest assured knowing your documents are in safe hands.

Arrange Paper Shredding Service for your Home

If you would like to know more about our home shredding services then feel free to get in touch with our team who are happy to assist you in your shredding needs. Call us on 0800 234 6660 to speak to an expert today, or contact us online to arrange a call back at your request.

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