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How to dispose of confidential information

When it comes to getting rid of paperwork and files from within your business, you need to be careful how you go about this – there is a chance that information can be lost, stolen and leaked if these are not handled or destroyed correctly, meaning there would be a breach of the Data Protection Act 2018, which can lead to disciplinary action and fines to your business.

To ensure you prevent this from happening, you should always check your paperwork for any personal data and then dispose of these carefully. However, you also need to be aware of when to get rid of this information, as removing it too early can also be a breach of the law, so it is important that you check your organisation’s retention periods before disposal takes place.

    Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when it comes to getting rid of confidential information:

  • Check all paper waste that you throw away – if it contains personal or sensitive data, it needs to be securely shredded.
  • Use the confidential waste bin or cross-cut shredder in your workspace for document disposal.
  • Don’t leave confidential waste in bags in public areas.
  • If sensitive or personal information is kept on USBs, DVDs, CDS, laptops or PCs, it must be destroyed when the service is no longer needed.
  • When specialist disposal is required, items must only be passed to reputable companies that will securely dispose of this waste.
  • Confidential waste bins and shredders should only be used for paper waste.
  • Contact your IT Support team if you need assistance in destroying electronic information.

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