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How will GDPR affect schools and colleges?

On 25th May 2018, GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) will begin to take effect across the country for every establishment, business or organisation that collects data. GDPR will affect schools, colleges and universities in the UK.

So, it is important that your educational establishment is prepared for the transition and is aware of the changes that GDPR will bring.

What is personal data?

Schools and colleges do not only collect the data of their students for administrative purposes when they join, but consent forms, information for school dinners and a pupil’s online log-in can all be considered as personal information, not to mention the data of the staff.

Much of the data collected by schools is paper-based, but Shredded Neat can dispose and destroy of any confidential information you have, be it paper or electronic.

Protecting Students with Compliant Data Storage

Student information usually relates to minors and there can be serious consequences if this information is given to or taken by a third party, so therefore it is pivotal to ensure that any data that you do not need is effectively destroyed.

GDPR classifies children as “vulnerable individuals” that must actively give a clear form of consent for their data to be processed. For children under the age of 16, consent is the responsibility of the parent. Therefore, it is crucial that your school or college must make a substantial attempt to verify that you have gained consent for any data processing that you complete.

Whether you choose to store it on DVD, CD ROM, electronic records, optical media or magnetic tape, Shredded Neat will help your school, college or university with the correct disposal of documents to ensure that you are compliant with GDPR.

5 Key Questions for Schools and Colleges to Consider

  • Have you got a DPO?

It is now more important than ever to ensure that your data is correctly handled, which means you may want to employ someone within your school or college to become a Data Protection Officer and manage this area.

  • Is everyone aware of changes?

The way your educational establishment operates is going to change because of GDPR, so it is important that all the staff in your formation are aware of the changes that may arise as a result of GDPR.

  • What data are you in possession of?

It is pivotal that you are aware exactly what data you currently hold, how long you will need this data for and how you currently process it.

  • How will you gain consent?

As mentioned previously you must now gain a clear form of consent to gather data, so it is important that you plan out exactly how you will achieve this.

  • Have you got an effective plan to deal with data breaches?

Although you will not want to consider the possibility of a data breach within your school or college, it is crucial that you prepare for the worst.

Keep your school or college GDPR compliant with Shredded Neat

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