Shredding Services

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Shredding Services

Offering Secure Shredding Services across Sussex and the South East, here at Shredded Neat we can take care of your Secure Document Destruction on your behalf, enabling you to focus on the important things.

Compliant Secure Shredding Services

To comply with the Data Protection Act you are required to have a written contract with the company responsible for your Secure Document Destruction, unless you do it on your own premises with your own staff.

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On site shredding

Are you in need of regular secure on site shredding in Sussex? Need somebody to take care of the destruction of your confidential documentation? Then look no further than Shredded Neat.

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Off site shredding

If you only require a smaller amount of secure waste collected, try our Off Site Shredding Services. Off Site Shredding means that you can have your waste collected from your premises and destroyed within our facilities.

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Not everybody requires a regular collection. That’s why we also offer Secure Paper Destruction on an ad-hoc basis. Shredded Neat are the solution when looking to destroy old folders and documents you have been meaning to get rid of.

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Compare prices on Shredding

DIY (Doing it yourself) Onsite Shredding (Mobile) Offsite Shredding
per box
per box
per box
When staff carry out shredding Our mobile shredder will shred a full archive box in about one and a half minutes
It could take over an hour to shred an archive box full of documents on a small office shredder, but it would overheat before it was completed. Minimum or one hour visits for purges and where we can provide a regular service start from just £40 a visit, prices depend on number of consoles or bins
It would take double this time to shred one of our sacks on a small office shredder.
Lost man hours spent shredding instead of working their expected roles.
Staff rate per hour Minutes spent at shredder per day
10 20 30
£5.03 min wage 18-20 years old £212 £424 £636
£6.31 min wage 21 years or more £266 £532 £798
£10.00 per hour staff cost £421 £842 £1,263
£15.00 per hour staff cost £632 £1,264 £1,896
£20.00 per hour staff cost £842 £1,684 £2,526

Save Money On Data Shredding

You could save money with Shredded Neat’s data shredding services. If a minimum wage employee spends around ten minutes of their day stood at the shredder, then it could be costing your company £212! For a skilled professional who is payed at £10 per hour, twenty minutes a day spent shredding amounts to a whopping £842. That’s not to mention the labour included to get the paper recycled or any other data disposed of.


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Shredded Neat will securely destroy your data, meaning you can spend money and time on more important things. Our team can shred on-site or collect waste from your offices, so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Take a closer look at the services below and see how we can help you free up some of your budget by choosing Shredded Neat for your data shredding service!

Get in touch with our expert team today who are happy to provide you with any advice or assistance for your questions or queries. Call Shredded Neat directly on 0800 234 6660 to talk to an adviser, or if you would like to arrange a call back at a time that suits you, contact us online.

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Shredding Services