Shredder Contract Services

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Shredder Contract Services

Entering into a contract is a necessity sometimes as it provides a binding commitment for both parties involved. However, here at Shredded Neat we have always maintained a flexible approach to our contracts, allowing us to meet our customers’ needs as best as possible. So, what do our contracts entail?

Fixed Price Stability & Flexibility

Every business needs price stability as it is essential for the running of the company and means we are able to plan ahead for the cost of future services. Our agreements are available in different lengths to give our customers flexibility. This way you know exactly what our charges are each month for a first-class shredding solution. A contract will lock in our prices for you for whichever term you prefer so you get the most out of your service with us! Get fixed prices for any of our professional shredder services.

Shredder Contract Services

GDPR Compliant Data Destruction For Your Business

Shredded Neat’s key objective is to provide our customers with a secure data destruction solution which will meet the needs of their GDPR compliance system, both as a Data Controller, or as your appointed Data Processor. Most of this is covered in our terms & conditions but a simple commercial contract is, we believe, best practice in terms of GDPR Compliance. A written contract is required by the GDPR laws, although the ICO has yet to provide guidance on standard clauses, which we will incorporate into our contracts once these are available. With the new GDPR legislation in full force, there could be hidden surprises at the end of your contract with your current shredding service! Our contracts are upfront with no surprises in the small print.

‘Processing by a processor shall be governed by a contract or other legal act under Union or Member State law, that is binding on the processor with regard to the controller’

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Shredder Contract Services

Save Money With A Shredded Neat Contract

Although the GDPR refers to a contract ‘or other legal act’, in practice, in the UK, contracts are likely to be the appropriate means of complying with current legal requirements. Whilst Shredded Neat understand that contracts aren’t always fun, it provides complete protection for you as well as us! If you have any questions or queries about our services, or if you would like to know more then get in touch today on 01444 682041 where our expert advisers can help you make the most from your shredding needs. Arrange a call back at your request by contacting us online.

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