Off-Site Shredding for Businesses

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Does your business need an amount of secure waste collected for shredding? If so, then Shredded Neat’s off-site shredding services is the ideal solution for your organisation.

Our shredding team can collect waste from your premises that you require to be destroyed, and carry out our secure shredding procedure at our site in Ditchling Common, Hassocks.

Safely Destroy Documents Off Premises

By shredding your tangible data off-site with the assistance of Shredded Neat, you remove the possibility of any hassle that may occur as a result of shredding the documents on your premises.

In addition to this, shredding documents off-site is particularly beneficial in circumstances where vehicular access to your building could be tricky to access, for example if your located close to courtyards and narrow streets.

We Collect Commercial Confidential Waste

As part of our unrivalled off-site shredding services, Shredded Neat will provide you with secure sacks for storing confidential materials when you set up your account. We can then will come to collect these sacks and shred accordingly.

Secure Storage Sacks Provided

Shredded Neat’s Secure Storage Sacks have numerous key features, such as:

  • Our secure sacks are made from heavy duty polypropylene, secured with a tie and are impossible to tear, providing (once sealed) great security.
  • Our sacks generally hold more paper than our competitors (around 44L).
  • There is no need to pre-pay for sacks, we supply these with seals for free as part of our service – invoicing follows your final collection.

Lockable Consoles are also available

If you want a safe and secure storage solution for your confidential waste, then why not think about having one or more of our lockable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or wooden consoles, all provided as part of our service.

Available in 70L and 140L capacity units, you can position these wherever is most convenient for your staff. Then, the Shredded Neat team will come and either collect your HDPE sacks and replace them with new ones, or collect the contents from your wooden consoles.

Further benefits of off-site shredding

  • All your secure waste is locked away at all times.
  • We collect from the location(s) that you specify, on a regular agreed date.
  • No need to store sacks pending collections.
  • We provide you with a key for in the event that access is needed for any reason.

Shredded Neat are the leading provider of off-site commercial shredding

So, if you would like to find out some more information regarding our off-site shredding, or to enquire about the any other shredding solutions that we offer at Shredded Neat, then contact our dedicated team today.

You can contact Shredded Neat by calling our main office on 0800 234 6660, or by providing us with a few of your details and contacting us online.

View the complete range of shredding services provided by Shredded Neat.

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Off-Site Shredding for Businesses
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