Mobile On-Site Shredding

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If you require frequent and secure mobile on-site shredding, then look no further than Shredded Neat to fulfill your shredding needs.

Our team can give you peace of mind knowing that your confidential documents have been effectively destroyed, and subsequently allow you to focus on the more important matters that need your attention.

The benefits of having your confidential documents securely shredded on site

To help us provide the best possible levels of service for our clients, at Shredded Neat we have heavily invested in several state-of-the-art mobile shredders. By doing so, our team can transport our equipment to you and complete our mobile on-site-shredding service all under your roof.

There are numerous advantages to having your documents shredded on your premises, such as:

  • A regular mobile on-site shredding visit will ensure you don’t build up a backlog of documents that need storing for an annual purge, saving you storage space.
  • We can supply you with lockable containers for storing the documents prior to our visit, so you can be assured that your data will always be securely stored.
  • Shredding your documents on-site is a flexible process. If you happen to suddenly have some additional documents that you need Shredded Neat to handle, we are usually able to shred these all during our regular visit.
  • You get to see all your documents shredded right in front of you, plus issuing a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ immediately afterwards for your records
  • Our mobile shredder shreds to 8mm, finer than any other shredding company in the UK for absolute security. You can be confident of becoming GDPR compliant by choosing Shredded Neat to destroy your data.

Mobile Shredder Service Options

Shredded Neat can provide you with a number of options for lockable on-site storage prior to shredding, from 70L, 140L, 240L plastic consoles, or 140L wooden consoles. Furthermore, we can even make bespoke wooden consoles designed in your organisation’s preferred colours if you wish!

Additionally, by choosing Shredded Neat to destroy your documents you will be fully reassured as you can witness your documents being destroyed right in front of you.

Our shredding experts work with the highest levels of professionalism and discretion, ensuring a professional service every time.

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Shredded Neat is your leading provider for secure mobile on-site shredding in the South of England.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our services, or would like to enquire about the best solution for your requirements, then please get in touch with the Shredded Neat team today.

You can get in touch with Shredded Neat by calling us on 0800 234 6660 or by completing our quick and simple online contact form.

Shredded Neat offer a wide range of shredding services.

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Mobile On-Site Shredding
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