One-off shredding

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Not everybody requires a regular collection, and that’s why we also offer a one off secure shredding service for businesses. Shredded Neat’s on demand service is best for customers who need to destroy large volumes of confidential documents in one go. See our most popular solutions below:

On Site Shredding from £5 per box

If your documents are in boxes, bags or in a confidential waste bin on your own premises or in storage, we will come out to you in our mobile shredder and shred your document on site. Once the job is completed we issue your Certificate of Destruction right there and then as your proof of destruction.

What’s more, is we can also take all your old archive boxes and ensure they are recycled too, as part of our service at no extra charge.

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One-time Document Collection and Off Site Shredding from £50.00

If you don’t mind your documents being destroyed off site, then choose our collection and shredding service. We collect your documents and bring them back to our high security shredding warehouse in Hassocks, where they are shredded within 72 hours.

There is no need to worry about the security of your documents, when we collect from you we issue you your Certificate of Destruction to prove that we will safely and responsible destroy your documents.

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Environmentally Friendly Shredding!

Once we have shredded your documents, the paper is baled up and sent directly to the paper mills. By shredding with us, you are also doing your bit for the environment, as 100% of all our paper is recycled!

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On site shredding

Are you in need of regular secure on site shredding in Sussex? Need somebody to take care of the destruction of your confidential documentation? Then look no further than Shredded Neat.

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Off site shredding

If you only require a smaller amount of secure waste collected, try our Off Site Shredding Services. Off Site Shredding means that you can have your waste collected from your premises and destroyed within our facilities.

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One-off shredding

Not everybody requires a regular collection. That’s why we also offer Secure Paper Destruction on an ad-hoc basis. Shredded Neat are the solution when looking to destroy old folders and documents you have been meaning to get rid of.

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