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Document Shredding Hastings

Offering Shredding Services in Hastings. Here at Shredded Neat, we are pleased to provide Paper Shredding in Hastings to businesses small and big! Whether you are looking for a one-off purge, or a regular onsite destruction service, whatever your requirements, we can take care of your Document Shredding in Hastings with minimal fuss.

If you are looking for secure document and paper shredding in Hastings or surrounding towns and villages then Shredded Neat has a growing service offering for you. Our Shredding Services in Hastings are available to business of all sizes in and around the area. Whilst Hastings is at the edge of our area for regular monthly collections, it’s well within range for any sort of offsite or onsite purges of old archives and company records.

Hastings first became a significant settlement as the Romans were here mining Iron Ore (one of the three largest iron mines in the Roman Empire) from what is now Beauport Park, North of the Town. Hastings is thought to be named after it’s own tribe – the ‘Hastingas’ but they were not terribly successful Anglo-Saxons who were often getting wiped out by the Vikings until these misfortunes were compounded in 1066 by the Battle of Hastings followed by a Norman Invasion.

Hastings is also home to the largest beach-based fishing fleet in the United Kingdom, which we know to our advantage as we love stopping by to pick up fresh fish from the fishermen when we are seeing customers! Hastings is also renowned for their toilets as well, yes toilets! Having won ‘Platinum Loo of the Year’ in 2013!


Shredding Services Hastings

We can provide regular monthly shredding services in Hastings as well as delivering offsite or onsite destruction of old archives and records. By choosing Shredded Neat to take care of your Paper Shredding in Hastings, you can rest assured that your documents will be destroyed securely and on time! Make sure to take advantage of the competitive rates that compliment our professional on site shredding service.

Not only can we offer Document Shredding in Hastings, but we can also provide services in surrounding areas such as Westfield, Fairlight, Pett, Brede and Rye too. If you have a large amount that needs shredding then please contact us, as we can easily provide purges of documents on the same days we do our weekly shredding rounds down the road in nearby Eastbourne. Find out about the document purge service.

As well as our Shredding Services in Hastings, but we can also help to recycle your cardboard storage as well. We can suggest a number of storage options, collecting cardboard in bags and bales with a wide variety of collection vehicles, we can collect unlimited amounts if required. Alternatively, customers can drop off any spare cardboard completely free of charge at our Ditchling depot. Learn how you can contribute to an environmentally sustainable future when using our paper recycling centre.

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our Shredding Services in Hastings or to enquire about the prices of our Document Shredding in Hastings, then please get in touch today. You can get in touch by emailing us at:, or alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to a member of the team on the phone, then please do so on: 0800 234 6660, and we will be happy to help. Discover more about our Document Shredding in Hastings today…


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