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Shredded Neat cover an array of sectors

The data destruction experts at Shredded Neat are proud to assist businesses in a wide range of different sectors in helping them destroy the confidential information that they no longer need. We work with a diverse range of businesses across the South of England in securely destroying both their paper and electronic data, so if your organisation needs industry leading confidential shredding services then give our dedicated team a call now on 0800 234 6660.

We help solicitors effectively destroy confidential files

The specialist team at Shredded Neat work closely with numerous law firms in helping them destroy confidential and private information, and we can help your law firm to. It is standard practice for solicitors’ offices to obtain confidential information, and it is pivotal that you protect your law firm, by having this information securely destroyed when it is no longer needed.

If you do not safeguard the data within your law firm and this information happens to be breached, then your solicitors could be penalized and subsequently face catastrophic punishments, on top of losing your precious reputation. So don’t run the risk of letting your confidential information get into the wrong hands, and contact the Shredded Neat team today!

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Mobile On-Site Shredding

The Shredded Neat team can bring our state of the art mobile shredders to your solicitors’ office and destroy your confidential documents right before your eyes with our mobile on-site shredding service.

One off shredding

Our flexible approach means that you can arrange for the Shredded Neat team to visit your legal firm on a one time basis to destroy your confidential information. Find out more about how you can book a one off shredding slot here.

Off-Site Shredding

If your solicitors’ office is not big enough for us to complete the shredding procedure on your premises, we can collect your confidential waste and destroy it at our headquarters with our off-site shredding procedure.

Regular shredding service

If your solicitors regularly need an expert shredding service to securely destroy private files that you no longer need, then you can Shredded Neat can visit your law firm on a regular basis. Learn more about arranging a shredding contract today.

Interested in Regular Paper Shredding Service?

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