Tired & frustrated using an office or home shredder?

Let’s be honest, we should all by now know that not ensuring our confidential information is properly destroyed leaves us open to a whole range of liabilities:

Do you have a home or office shredder?

1. Someone might steal our personal or business identity based on that information
2. Someone might take the information we hold on staff, customers or other stakeholders and use it to steal their identities or damage their reputation
3. Someone might use the information to blackmail us or our business
4. People visiting our home such a trades people, cleaners or clients, might read information which could result in damage of some kind.

So we go out and buy those small shredders you see for sale in pretty much every stationary shop,or discount warehouse. If you look on Amazon you can get one from as little as £10 !

However, they are totally useless for even the most basic types of shredding as I’m sure many people will admit. The main reasons that the smaller shredder doesn’t do the job are:

a] They are usually limited by the number of pages that they can shred at one time, there is little value in having a shredder that can only shred 8 pages at a time, as they jam very easily, and getting the paper back out of them can be very difficult and frustrating.

b] If they are used for a lot of shredding, the shredder tends to get very hot and on most models they have a heat cut out switch, so if they get dangerously hot they stop and you can’t do any more shredding until the are fully cooled down, which can take ages.

c] They can be dangerous, there have been recent studies which show that paper shredders can lead to finger injuries, lacerations and even amputations for young children.

Children like to imitate adult behavior, and using a paper shredder is no exception. Since most paper shredders were originally built for office use, they do not include child-safety components. The home paper shredder’s opening (where paper is entered) ranges from 13 to 16.5 inches, allowing easy access for a toddler’s little fingers. And every one of these machines potentially allowed a child’s fingers to reach through to the cutting blades. In addition, most of these shredders do not include on/off buttons and instead are automatically activated when papers (or fingers) are placed in the opening. It’s a dangerous piece of machinery and leaving it in the home unattended and accessible to young children or the elderly can result in serious hand injuries. US Consumer Product Safety Commission Report on Finger Injuries

Do they really save you money if you are a business?

Businesses buy a shredder in because they think that having their documents professionally destroyed is expensive, but unless the business spends many hundreds of pounds to get a well-built, fully warrantied shredder, buying a small one is a waste of time because of the frequency of problems with overheating and jamming, and if not well engineered, it could also be dangerous as previously described.

So imagine you have parted with several hundred pounds for a decent machine, and you are all ready to shred that huge backlog of confidential files and old archive records, you need someone to stand there and actually do the shredding. If that person were to stand there for just 10 minutes a day shredding, for the 261 working days in a year, that’s 43.5 hours per year, at minimum wage rates, that a cost of £7.50 for anyone over 25, so an annual cost to the business of £326 to add on to the cost of the shredder – not so cheap or cost saving is it?

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