Why a regular shredding service is more beneficial than an unplanned schedule

If your business produces a considerable number of documents on a regular basis, don’t wait until the office bin starts to fill up to dispose of all the confidential waste.

Why not consider using a regular shredding service?

We understand that businesses will often decide to conduct their document shredding on an unplanned schedule and still keep within the data protection laws. However, here at Shredded Neat we want to give you some food for thought on why a regular shredding service may be more beneficial to your business.

Reduce the risks

Whilst the subsequent destruction of confidential documents will comply with the Data Protection Act, they are more at risk the longer the documents are stored in the business.

With an unplanned schedule, employees may dispose of their documents into confidential waste bins, but there’s a chance they may wait until a shredding day is announced before they clear their desk. With a good reputation being an essential asset to a business, leaving private documents around for employees or clients to see could be detrimental.

Regular shredding will ensure a planned date, weekly or monthly, where confidential data is less likely to be sitting on an employee’s desks for a period of time.

Saving money in the long run

Using a regular shredding service will save a business money in the long run, as paying for a yearly service each month or week may cost less than paying for ‘purge’ shredding as and when it’s needed.

Save employee’s time

A regular on-site or off-site shredding service will mean employees won’t have to be concerned about when their next opportunity will be to dispose of confidential documents. With the possibility of documents being left on desks and other work areas, employees will not have to search for documents that are no longer needed on the day of shredding.

Save space in your workplace

A backlog of confidential documents may build up in your workplace when you don’t have a scheduled shredding collection. Confidential waste bins will take up areas of space, as well as documents left on a desk, therefore regular shredding ensures saving storage space and keeping your office tidy.

How Shredded Neat can help you with your regular shredding

At Shredded Neat you can arrange a regular on-site or off-site shredding service for your business from £15.00. Providing prices that suit your requirements, once shredded they are taken away in our shred truck for recycling.

In order to store your confidential waste, we can provide your business with either a 70L or 140L secure locking console to use throughout the service, free of charge. There is also no need to contact us to arrange an appointment, as our regular collections mean you’re booked in for the future.

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