Why using a shredding partner is important

As a business you have a legal requirement under The Data Protection Act 1998 to destroy any data which contains personal information, once it is no longer required.

In May 2018, the new Data Protection Act was enacted to supplement GDPR. GDPR states that personal data must be kept “no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed.”

This is where a secure paper shredding service is a crucial partner for your business.

Why should businesses use a shredding partner?

A shredding partner can enable businesses to remain GDPR compliant and ensure they are within the correct legal requirements when it comes to disposing of sensitive documents.

Once documents are no longer required, failure to comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act means you are at risk of considerably high fines and penalties.

A fine of up to £500,000 can be given if there is a breach of duty with regards to the storage and correct destruction of paperwork, containing sensitive information about clients, employees or customers.

Using a shredding partner ensures documents are securely destroyed and are less likely to be lost, misplaced or stolen, which could make your business vulnerable to leaks.

This will also protect you from the fines that come with data breaches, as well as ensuring customer trust in the business and stabilising a positive reputation.

What Shredded Neat can do for you

At Shredded Neat we can help you keep within the Data Protection guidelines to avoid these risks, by providing a secure data destruction service for any type media that your confidential data is stored on.

We have a variety of facilities that will provide storage and destroy data, whether it’s stored in paper form or electronically.

From heavy-duty sacks through to 1100L bins, Shredded Neat can provide temporary storage containers until your waste is ready to be collected.

Our services range from regular on-site or off-site shredding, to a one-off purge, which will be shredded by our state-of-the-art cross cut shredders.

We will then provide a Certificate of Destruction, before the shredded paper is taken back to our warehouse for baling and recycling.

No matter what your business’ document disposal needs are, it is important to have a secure process in place to eliminate the chance of a privacy breach. Ensure you are GDPR compliant with Shredded Neat.

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