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Local and confidential

Shredded Neat are a leading player when it comes to GDPR-compliant shredding services, data security and recycling for businesses in the South of England.

Shredded Neat & insurance

We work with insurers across the South of England to ensure the correct storage and destruction of confidential files and data.

Naturally, insurance companies produce a number of documents that hold sensitive information, and should these get into the wrong hands, it could have a detrimental effect on your company.

Our GDPR-compliant data destruction solutions are tailored specifically for the insurance industry and cover customer policies, claims and accident details, and payment and financial information.

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Shredded Neat & banking

Banking is one of the most important sectors when it comes to holding vital and confidential documents regarding finances. Therefore, it is strictly imperative for banking companies to dispose of confidential documents securely.

Shredded Neat can provide financial institutions such as banks and building societies with a secure shredding service covering all types of paper records and electronic documents. These could include customer account details, application forms and cheques, which need to be destroyed when they are no longer needed in order to remain GDPR compliant.

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Shredded Neat & GP practices

From doctors to dental practices, private medical records are a core part of the NHS. Patient confidentiality is vital to ensure your practice maintains trust between patients and staff. Not only this, but it’s a legal requirement for documents to be shredded once they’re no longer needed.

Once the time comes to dispose of said documents, it’s important that they’re destroyed wholly and without a trace.

Shredded Neat can help you store and dispose of patient and office information correctly, whether you’re a private practice or part of the NHS. We’re accredited to the highest standards and all our staff are DBS-checked to ensure maximum confidence.

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Shredded Neat & legal

It is standard practice for legal firms to obtain a significant volume of various confidential information, which will need to be disposed of over time.

Shredded Neat work closely with numerous law firms, providing secure, efficient and cost-effective shredding of confidential paper documents and data-handling waste, while remaining compliant with legal obligations.

From client details to their medical history or personal income, it is crucial that you protect your law firm by having this information securely destroyed when it is no longer needed.

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Shredded Neat & accounting

Accounting firms are trusted with valuable, private information on a daily basis, including National Insurance numbers and bank account numbers from both individuals and organisations.

With the issue of financial fraud reportedly on the rise over the last few years, it’s essential that your accounting firm does everything in its power to safeguard the confidential information that you have.

Shredded Neat can help you ensure your client’s privacy remains intact after their records are no longer needed with our trusted shredding services, which will securely destroy any unwanted confidential documents in your possession.

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Shredded Neat & motor trade

Shredded Neat provide compliant data destruction for an abundance of motor trade clients based in the South of England, including garages, showrooms and car manufacturers.

If you work in the motor trade industry, you are bound to collect confidential data that needs to be safeguarded to protect not only your client, but also your motor trade business.

We can offer regular site shredding solutions that ensure both your clients and your business are safeguarded. This includes car registration details, leasing forms, contracts, business and customer financial information and the destruction and recycling of number plates.

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Shredded Neat & schools

Schools and nurseries generate a significant paper trail of confidential waste each year, from student records to financial data, which must be managed and destroyed in compliance with GDPR. The summer break is the perfect opportunity to have a clear-out before your new students arrive.

We provide GDPR-compliant data destruction for schools and nurseries across the South of England, offering maximum security and environmentally responsible destruction of your confidential waste.

We offer a one-off purge service, which is hassle-free and cost-effective. Plus, all of our shredded paper is recycled. Most importantly, it gives you maximum security in the destruction of your confidential waste.

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Affordable shredding

At Shredded Neat, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading, award-winning customer service.

Shredded Neat are a unique security shredding company based in the South of England. We provide both mobile on-site and off-site shredding of confidential paper wastes for local businesses and offer a full data destruction service, including the recycling of paper, cardboard and electrical/electronic waste.

We put your needs first and handle every stage of the process, from collection to final recycling, without third-party involvement, while providing you with a legally defensible audit trail.

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A Waste Transfer Note is issued and once your documents have been completely destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction will be sent to you.

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